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parfaites; french talent and style
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The best of France
french talent and style

Welcome! This is the place to get your fix of anyone who is French and talented. Though we have made a list of possible subjects, the community is in no way exclusive to them. If you'd like to introduce us to a new talent, you're more than welcome to! We are open to suggestions.

» Big pictures should be placed under an lj cut. It's nice to include a little preview too.

» No icon posts, instead, be part of our Weekly Graphics Post!

» What's allowed? News, articles, pictures, magazine scans, any kind of media (no fanmade videos though!).

» Remember to link the source.

» The use of the tagging system is encouraged. However, if you don't tag your entries a mod will do so for you.

» Any suggestion, information or comment you might have regarding the community that you'd like to address to the mods, you can do so by commenting in this entry. (comments are screened) You can also use our page-a-mod system for any inquires.

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